A Natural Beauty That Floors Everyone- Wide Plank Flooring

There are certain things in everyday routine that bring a quite joy to our lives. These things do not say much in the way of being noticed, but rather affect your lifestyle in their subtle ways. One may not realize their importance at the moment, but can hear them whisper quietly as someone grazes by them, alluring yet elusive in their own ways. Wide plank flooring is one such joy to the run-of-the-mill life.
For the longest time now, plank flooring has been the preferred material for all kinds and types of floorings. Gone are the days when the floors would get rusty and embarrassing in the glare of the day, or creak mysteriously in the eerie nights. Wide plank flooring has taken over the monotonous ways and revamped the routines we usually considered unremarkable and commonplace. With the usage of wide plank flooring, things have definitely taken a turn towards style and class, one that is hard to miss by even the most unobserved eye.

antique white oak wide plank flooring

Traditionally speaking from antique, pine, and hardwood flooring to oak and walnut, wide plank flooring lends class to an otherwise average surroundings. These many kinds of woods serve different purposes, while lending affordability to the lighter pockets. If you want to show off your library with the oldest collection of first edition books, the best served would probably be the antique wide plank flooring. After all, no one can forget that air of dignity and quite sophistication that was lent by the mahogany wide plank flooring in all those regency novels. The cigars that were lit in studious anticipation of results concerning serious financial investments during hard times loaned a specific tint to the cherry colored wide plank flooring, or the pitter patter of happy feet running across the wide plank flooring in walnut that ran the length of the lobby have forever made wide plank flooring one of the best remembered and utilized wide plank flooring of all times.


With the advancement of all things available, wide plank flooring has also taken a turn towards established achievement. Most companies that proudly boast of their wide plank flooring now take special pride in being a 100% green. This claim not only provides an air of credibility, but also inspires trust and confidence in their clients, hence making them loyal customers.
Many companies also cater to their clients’ needs by providing color and material sample. Ranging from a wide variety of hues and textures, wide plank flooring fits everyone’s needs. Be it a child’s play pen or a CEO’s board room, wide plank flooring lends familiarity owing to its natural genes.

Century hand-sawn wide plank flooring

Wide plank flooring is not only a conventional representation of tradition and culture, but has also become ingrained in our modern interior design techniques, thereby meritoriously transforming and catering to everyone’s needs and requirements. So, the next time you decide to do floors in our house or office, remember that wide plank flooring serves all purposes, and doesn’t reflect too badly on your shopper’s dream.