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Everyone can recall that frustrating moment of sheer helplessness when nothing seems to be working out during a harried work day. What comes after such a day is desperation for some quiet, alone time; talking to yourself, revisiting each and every possible scenario where the outcome may be a potential solution to that irritating root of all problems. Most people find this down time in their showers or baths, where the sluicing water seems to take away all worries. Quite understandably, bathrooms need to be welcoming at such a point. Allure plank flooring works wonders for this.

Wide Plank Flooring

A bathroom is a reflection of a person. While the other rooms and walls are decorated for the pleasurable viewing of outsiders, a bathroom is a personal sanctuary. Imagine, wanting wooden floors in your bathroom and not being able to install them for the fear of moisture. Allure plank flooring is the perfect solution for this since it is a flexible and waterproof product. To be certain and inspire confidence within its potential customers and consumers, the Allure plank flooring comes with a 25 year warranty, which itself is a sure shot sign of reliability.

Allur Plank Flooring

The Allure plank flooring is a floating vinyl floor that comes in planks with an adhesive. It is similar to a laminate, and is available in a wide variety of colors, wood types, and textures to perfectly match and compliment their surroundings. The issue with most plank floorings is the difficult installation, and/ or the maintenance, and/ or the cost, and/ or affordability. While people adore laying wooden planks to complement the floors and heighten the beauty of the room, the above mentioned issues cause big problems and drive uncertainty to thought.

Home Allure Plank Flooring

With the Allure plank flooring, there are no such problems. The Allure plank flooring is easy to lay as it comes in user- friendly measured planks. With no requirement of underlay, expansion joints, or heavy tools, it can give the feel of a hardwood floor and look impressive and handsome as you turn the lights on, or give a realistic ceramic look under foot. The natural glare of the sun lends it its very own specialty since the texture is heightened to show off an impressive lay. Since the Allure plank flooring is 100% waterproof, it lessens the worries considerably as children can play freely on the same floors that can be used at night as a party ground.

Allure Plank Flooring

The Allure plank flooring is best used when transforming your workspace, adding flair to commercial areas, or simply creating wonderful mastery in moisture laden areas such as toilets and basements. The Allure plank flooring is easy to install and thus saves a whole lot of finances in way of labor costs.

As one loyal customer of Allure plank flooring puts it: “A lot of people have had this product for some time and love it. I’m going to be putting it in my basement.”


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