Wood Plank Flooring: Layers of Natural Goodness

The magic of Wood plank flooring will never cease of exist. There is absolutely nothing in the world that can match the class of polished wood proudly sprawling across the floor. Such is the beauty of wood plank flooring that it has made a nice cozy, stable place for itself in our hearts, and is being used till today. Everyone adores the mien of hardwood floors. Wood plank flooring warms up even the frostiestshed, and creates a cocoon of invitation in any apartment’s interior design.

Curved Solid Wood Plank Flooring

Basically, the wood plank flooring is engineered to comprise of layers of wood to form a plank. The top layer is where the sheen and texture are added to emphasize its beauty, while the lower layer is stuck to the core and is responsible for stability. Since the wood plank flooring is a concocted creation, there are several things that have been added to its creation and finish that make it more popular among people looking for solid floors. Customarily, the planks of wood plank flooring come in longer and wider planks that make the floor seem smoother and leavefewer spaces to be hidden or covered.


The wood plank flooring is pre finished and can be lent an interesting mix of texture and design that makes it several times more attractive than its twin cousin: natural wood. This kind of flooring can be installed over concrete, in basements, and can also be used with floor heating. There is no annoyance of “gaps”, as is a distinct possibility in natural wood flooring. The wood plank flooring does not bend nor go out of shape either, neither does it form curves or crowns due to excessive differences between climates. Even though wood plank flooring hardly ever gets spoilt, but in case it does, it is relatively easier to replace the damaged boards, since it requires barely any nails and is not as heavy. What is even better is the fact that wood plank flooring is much more cost effective when it comes to its installation.

Curved Wood Plank Flooring

Several interesting things/ effects can be added to wood plank flooring while finishing. Traditionally, the most popular finish has always been the ‘natural’ look where only lacquers and varnishes are used. This kind of finish only enhances the natural texture and pattern/ inlay of the wood without adding anything to it. Similar is the technique where the wood plank flooring is ‘oiled’ using naturally occurring oils. Oiling is usually achieved with steel brushes and requires some amount of technique and past experience. Another method, also quite popular, is ‘sanding’. This technique evens out any roughness that the wood plank flooring might have, and renews the general outlook of an old floor.

Novalis wood plank flooring

Unfortunately, hardwood floors can be very expensive. That is the reason why most people prefer vinyl plank flooring to wood plank flooring. However, nothing beats the gleam of light on polished wood plank flooring as it shines and shimmers, announcing to the world why some things are better original.